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Friday, October 12, 2012

Test test test

Testing out a new feature that goes from voice to text

I wanted to test it out first before writing anything important on there this will probably be the new way that I will be posting via the Internet

Apparently you have to say the word paragraph every time you want to start a new paragraph paragraph I don't know how long the causes are so I mandible the whole bunch of little tiny phrases hear what I meant to see say spell P a R a GR a pH

As you can see there are some limitations as to how the voice to text can do

If your phone has a hard time recognizing what you say it will come up with all sorts of really weird things

I know it could be the gap that I have in my front teeth that is giving the phone problems or it could just be the microphone I'm not sure I have to play with the Lomora to find out

Until then if anyone can give me a little help I very much appreciate it or at least advice and

End of text

*** "Lenora" was supposed to be "a little more"

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