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Friday, November 02, 2012

Numerology class

3,056,580 either voting early or Absentee
11.8 million total registered voters in state

Early Voting
_505,722 Republicans
_638,956 Democrat
_231,470 Other
1,376,148 Total

Absentee Ballots
_734,095 Republican
_659,893 Democrats
_286,444 Other
1,680,432 Total

Electoral Votes = 29

Democrats & DNR Gov Crist (Independant, openly supports Obama) calling for extending voting hours and days ... But FL Gov (R) is sticking to state law {as it should be} which closes the early voting


Remember that FL actually has two time zones ... the pan handle is 1hr behind the main peninsula

Hmmm - I guess the Dems are already setting up their ideas in place for claiming an "unfair" election

I guess this is he LONGEST ballot in FL history because there are so many questions being asked ... I will see if I can get a link to a copy of the ballot - I'm thinking their StateAtt office might have it ...

I found this link for their General Election Ballot

Hopefully that link will work, the site is kinda hard to navigate for a direct link ...

New post coming!

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