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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Things That Make You Go HMMMM ...

well isn't this interesting ...

The WH is pushing for the INTERIM CIA director to testify before Congress on Benghazi

There is a real question as to the time line of all this ... and I'm betting Clinton is shaking in his boots ... since there is a question of whether the mistress was able to get her hands on top-secret material that she did not have clearance for on her computer {why would she need that, anyhow unless she was ...}

Petreuas was scheduled to testify next week in front of the Congressional Hearing on Libya ... now lets think about this,

Supposably his affair started during his biography
12 - 18 months ago the FBI started to investigate some harrassing emails,which turned out to be from thhe General's mistress
The FBi found this info and sat on it for over 12 months and never let the WH know

The day after the election they FBi finally tells the President of the charges

Two days later the story breaks to the public

Now that the media has jumped on this it has come out that the mistress has SENSITIVE MATERIAL on her computer ... material that she did not have clearance for nor did she have authorization to have.

BUT the FBI is claiming that there was no need to let the WH or CONGRESS know because there was no security breech at the time ...


what do you think that "sensitive material" is???

This is interesting ... I'm betting there will be a round of books coming out on this one!!

So anyone else wonder who Petraeus will get to write his? I'm betting it will be A MAN this time

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