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Monday, December 31, 2012

Economic Education

Yes it's been a while ... After the plop of 21DEC2012 I thought maybe the whole story of the Fiscal Cliff would be a big yawn as well ... Looks like I may have been wrong .... Again ... Or maybe a bit too soon.

So the "Upper Class" has now been defined by the politicians is $200K per person/$250K per cole .... WHAT? ... Yes, they are making you pay MORE if you are married these days ... imagine that?

Any how -- they are predicting that MOST people I'll be losing about $700 from their paychecks 1JAN2013 ... Off the bat! No end in sight! Because everyone is busy pointing fingers at everyone else in DC ....

This of course includes the President of the United States .... who for the last 4 years has been allowed to get away with "it wasn't my fault" in the mass-media ring ...

On FoxNews this morning Rep. Buck McKeon (R-CA) opened his happier and stated that the US has received intelligence that there are new bounties being put out there by Al-Qaeda for American personnel (I'm not going to get into it more than that) ... But ... OMG! What if some nut job who hasn't had a job for a bit hears this???

And it's not like this is this mans first term either - its his 10th ! He's the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, too! He should know BETTER than this ....

One thing he did say was that if the federal government cut all spending except that which was MANDATORY .... the US would still be running at $500Billion deficit EVERY YEAR (if there are no increases in costs)

Wow! That's a LOT of spending ... I wonder how much of that is wages for politicians & their staffing? Hmmm.

Ok time for numbers:
💰 Roughly 90% of US households will see a tax increase after 01JAN2013
💰 Expiration of 2-pt. payroll tax cut, will will reduce paychecks by $115 Billion
✂ Defense faces automatic cut of $55 Billion
👀 57% of Americans say spending cuts are best way to deal with economy
👀 33% of Americans say tax increases can solve economy mess

Personally - I think ... Canning all the politicians and reworking how they get paid will do it:
- only paid when budget gets passed
- no more overtime for working passed the "fiscal year"
- politicians have to payback the state if they don't get things done in a timely manner but have plenty of time to pass bills making it National Bumble Bee Day!
- states need to purchase a SMALL apartment for delegates, like maybe room for a bed & a table (after all most of their time should be spent on the Hill, right?)
- no wage increases unless there is at LEAST a 10% tax break and then it can only be a 3% pay raise

Let's remember that being a member of Congress - even on the National level was NEVER MEANT to be a full-time job ... It was supposed to be secondary to spending time with the constituents!

But I'm diverging here .... Much like Rep. McKeon ... Let's just say ....



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