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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: State of the Union

Now before it all gets spun by the liberal media - let me put up and comment on the polls that happened while the speech went on.

First - online broadcast ran nearly 7 seconds behind the televised, this made voting very hard to do ... We're the votes being tallied for what was said live or online? It could be the difference between voting on gun-control/military/police/education ... They could make a big difference in how you vote.

In general, the scoring NEVER went positive ... Averaging around -70pts by the end, and going as low as -77pts at one point

Anyway the White House looks at it, they have to see that America is not pleased with how things are being run! and it is NOT along party lines - the Independant/Unaffiliated voters tracked right along with the REPUBLICAN votes ... See the photos ...

Males &females tracked pretty much together - even on the military service for women and the wage plan equaling wages between the sexes.

His lowest ratings appeared to come while speaking about Medicare/healthcare and taxing the rich -- I don't know if that was because more wealthy people were voting, or if people feel that taxing the rich will just make them leave the country.

Anyhow - here are those photos

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