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Monday, February 04, 2013

HealthCare struggles

How will the new health care law effect YOU?

Good question .... Here is what Betsy McCaughey (author of several books on ObamaCare) had to say earlier this year on FNC's show "Fox and Friends" {14JAN2013}

-- most Americans get their health insurance through work ... this will CHANGE
-- in 2014 any employer with more than 50 FT employees MUST provide the government mandated insurance coverage
-- cost to employers will COULD be twice the cost of most current plans

Current thinking now is that many employees will be either paying the penalty {which is CHEAPER than the plans} or reduce the FT staff to just PART-TIME staff ... which of course will lead to UNDERemployed workers struggling and needing to go on the government aid programs.

Lost your FT job? No problem - just PROVE that your INCOME SO FAR is enough for you to qualify for Medicare ... OR ... Go to your states Health Care Board/Exchange to get some from out of YOUR pockets!

Oh and these Exchanges will ONLY sell the GOVERNMENTS plan ... Interesting

Now you will have a "choice" of Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum plans ... BUT only the CoPays/Deductibles differ! Everything involved in the plans are the same - so it is a matter of how much comes out of your pocket either before or after the treatments.

The jest of it is that the government DICTATES to doctors what they can do and what information they must take, as well as what programs they must "force" upon you.

Cuts to Medicare pay for MORE THAN HALF the new health care plan -- seniors will get LESS health care!

So what will happen at hospitals?

Fewer seniors admitted
Nurses spread thinner ... unless the Unions put tighter reigns on the hospitals

Seniors will get $1431 LESS care per year

So where is the money going? Care or bureaucracy? BUREAUCRACY!

Not just to pay for all the new paperwork, but to train IRS workers to check for proper insurance forms &/or proof of insurance as well as how to fine people who do not qualify under the law.

Oh look -- yet another way for the government to get your money!

Bottom line?

$28 billion vs. $68 billion ... Out of the governments pocket ... Which means OUT OF YOUR POCKET

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