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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Numerology Class

Some quick numbers for you

Catholics (in light of Pope Benedict resigning)

2/3 majority needed to get new Pontiff
Hope to have new pope by Easter Sunday
Expect to begin on march 17th or so
(I suspect they already know who will get it if it's going to go that quickly)

1910:291 million Catholics in world
2013:1.1 billion in world
2013:75.5 million in USA
7% reside in USA
Huge growth in Africa & china


Budget Stuff

$37,829 spent per SECOND
$2.27 million per minute
$136.19 Million per hour
$3.268 BILLION per DAY

House Financial Services meeting (yesterday 26FEB2013) the Debt Clock was proposed to be removed by Rep. Maxine Waters and Congressman Keith Ellison, who consider it just a political ploy ... Yes both democrats

US DEBT=$52,000 for EVERY man/woman/child in USA

More than 1/3 of debt during Obama administration alone

2023=$26.1 Trillion National Debt (if laws do not change)

Sequester=2% of US Budget

Under CURRENT law the PRESIDENT gets to chose WHERE the 2% is coming from ... So he could pull it out of the wages of the Federal government if he wanted to ... Or from any federal program ... He has CHOSEN military, education, national security ... Obama did it!

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