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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Things That Make You Go HMMMMM ...

Begin back peddling ... NOW!

" ... there are literally teachers now who are getting pink slips, who are getting notices that they can't come back this Fall"

" ... (Reporter: your confident that teachers are already getting pink slips, is that what you said?) ahh - yeah, I know they - yes there's a district where have, they're getting them just because there's an earlier union notification than most, so - Cattahau county WV - but the baste majority of them will be rolling out in the next two months" [sorry if I spelled that incorrectly]

" ... (Reporter: secretary Duncun, earlier this week on a couple of occasions you've said that there are teacher who already being laid off because of the sequester - are you prepared to say now that that was an exaggeration on your part?) let me get really clear, why you're getting caught up in the details here - what I said was that teachers were getting notices and they were getting - and in the district we were talking about, 110 teachers have gotten notices. Now, I think there was a misinterpretation that I meant they were being laid off tomorrow, that's not what i said that's not what I meant. (Reporter: you said now, you said they were being laid off now) their beginning to get slips now, getting notices now. That's where I think some of the misunderstanding was. But the fact of the matter is, whether its what's already happened, what's coming across the country [insert his slight snicker here] over the next two months, which I also said, 10s of 1000s of teachers potentially are going to be getting these notices across the country, so the impact here is very very significant."

"... so when I said pink slips, it was probably the wrong word - I probably should have used 'job elimination' 'positions eliminated' you sort of heard repeatedly, I should have been clear there.
Secondly, when I said 'impact on teachers' I should have said 'impact on educators' it's not just teachers, it's also support staff, guidance counselors, folks who work with special education students ..."
Education Secretary Duncan

Yeah ...

Sounds about right for this administration ...

Never mind that these "lay offs" "pink slips" happen EVERY YEAR at this time dispite the Sequester ...

Oh and that county that was laying off 110 teachers? It was really 5 teachers and they were on the block before the sequester even came into play! It was based on budgets and necessity.

So who broke this story?

The Washington Post ... Strict liberal media!

What does that say about this administration

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