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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Numerology Class

So what will be the impact of Obamacare on your wallet? I mean really ...

Everyone says it will be a better thing for everyone to have insurance and the prices will get lower because more people will have it ... Right????


Here are some examples:

In Nashville, TN
Cost of healthcare
27 yr old, NONsmoker
NOW _________ After CHC 
(This does not include the increase of Out-of-pocket or deductibles)

DEDUCTIBLES (what you have to pay first before insurance kicks in)
Silver-tier plan (mid level and expected to be the most popular)
Bronze-tier plan
PLUS co-pay to visit dr
Large chunk of cost of emergency room


Emergency room doctors expect an increase of people using the emergency rooms as their clinics as people begin to figure it would be cheaper to drop insurance and pay the penalty by the government ... Or people who sign up but still don't have time to take their kids into the doctor during the day ...

School systems are afraid that FEWER kids will be getting proper medical care for these same reasons ...

In general - <u>I'm</u> afraid that we will have a medical system like Canada or Great Britain ... Tons of forms ... 3 week wait for a dr appt ... Government deciding if you <i>really</i> need that treatment to save your life or eye sight or limb or whatever ...

While I agree that universal healthcare would be nice ... How being able to get treated for an illness is the best for everyone ... THIS PLAN will NOT work ... It will make things WORSE

This plan DEPENDS on young adults (18-35yrs old) signing up ... It DEPENDS on the rich using the upper tier plans ... It DEPENDS on companies carrying coverage for their workers ...

Here's what's gonna happen ...

The young will take the penalty and sign up at the time they need care because it will be cheaper

The Rich will get the cheaper insurance because they can afford the copays/deductibles and it will still be cheaper for them

Companies will DROP insurance in most cases because it is cheaper to pay the penalty for not having insurance for people

If people get money from their company to buy insurance, they I'll pocket the money and wait until they need the insurance  ... Some for those low-income families who will get a subsidy from the government - the money will go to pay for rent/food/etc instead of the insurance it was intended for

This is SOOOOOOOOOOO screwed up ...

In our state we have a comprehensive insurance program for people who can't afford insurance - my mother was on it for quite some time - if you didn't have insurance or if you had an insurance that didn't cover much you could get on it and it took a fairly large bite out of the bills ... Granted she was also getting Medicare but not always.

THAT is the type of thing that the Feds should be requiring each STATE to do - come up with a plan which protects those who do not have insurance or inadequate insurance .... Not FORCING people to buy something they may OT wish 


That's it ... That's all

They can not make you buy car insurance ,,, they can not make you buy a car seat for your kids ... They can not make you drive a certain speed on the highway ...


They CAN hold back funding from states if they do not have laws concerning these things, they can even tie a maximum speed you can drive on interstates to get road funding BUT they can NOT pass laws that effect those things outright ...

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