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Monday, October 07, 2013

Things That Make You Go HMMMMMM ......

During a news conference Carey was asked:
<blockquote> " if there's a shortage around Debt Ceiling Lift, will the President sign it?" </blockquote> 
Carey's answer?
<Blockquote> " again I'm not going to nego--- we think the Congress ought to raise the Debt Ceiling without drama or delay, if they do that it's a great thing" </blockquote> 
So WHO is in charge of the White House????

Because Apparently CAREY thinks HE'S in charge ... It was a very interesting SLIP OF THE LIP ....

Very Darth Serious ... Hmmmmmmm


In all seriousness, the US pay 100 million BILLS a month

Between 18Oct - mid-Nov they collect about $222Billion

That will leave us $100Billion SHORT no matter what ... 

But we can still pay just the $35Billion in INTEREST alone to keep our financial staus straight ...

So ... No matter what else happens -- we will CRASH again as SOME point ....

It may be our lifetime ...
It may be our childrens' lifetime ...
It maybe our grandchildren's  lifetimes ... 

But it WILL happen ... Aw he'll ... Lets deal with it now while we still have people around who survived the last one and can help piece things together!

Wait ...

No, let's NOT get advice from them ... They invented all the taxes we have to pay for now

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