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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Things That Make You Go HMMMM ....

Dail Meal (I believe it's a magazine) put out a list of the "Most Annoying People To Sit By"

§ Loud Talker
§ Complainer
§ PDA Couple
§ Absentee Parents
§ Guy Talking With Full Mouth
§ Obnoxious Kids
§ Spawlers
§ Glad-Handers
§ Drunks
§ Jerks

Okay it's been quite a while since I waited tables but I was always annoyed by people who used their plate as an ash tray instead of the actual ash tray on the table.

"jerk" is too generic a term in my mind - that could equate to "any ne not mentioned"

I never waited on a drink - we had sober eaters in our neighborhood.... But I ran into several on the city bus - they would have been wearing their coffee, I'm telling you

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