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Friday, September 05, 2014

Straight From The Horses Mouth

<blockquote> "Scott Walker has given women the back of his hand. And I know that is stark, I know that is direct, but that is reality. ... Republican Tea Party extremists, like Scott Walker, are doing is they're grabbing us by the hair, and pulling us back.  And it's unacceptable - and it's not gonna happen on our watch! "
DNC Chairwoman 
Debbie Walserman-Schultz
Comments on Scott Walker (Gov - WI, R)

What language!  How UNFAIR!

This is along the same lines as that "49%" that they hung around Romneys neck in the Presidential election

This language brings images of domestic violence ... Something that has been all over the news lately and people have been very outspoken on ... And was totally UNCALLED FOR!!!

She should LOSE HER POSITION over this ... If a Republican - man or woman - had said this you know they would be asking for the same thing!

This statement does a disservice to any woman who has been a victim of Domestic Violence or Rape!!!

Why do they have to say this crap?!


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