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Thursday, October 09, 2014

HEALTH ALERT: Ebola virus

There is now a second case of a traveler who may have the Ebola virus in TX ... I have not heard about the first case actually caught in America by someone who had been in the apartment where the guy died in TX ... Does that make sense? The man who died of Ebola in TX, I meant, an EMS/First Responder who was in there got sick from exposure to the area.

Sounds like the second (possible) case was a traveler who came via airplane from an infected area of Africa.

Authorities in Spain put down the dog of the nurse who is infected with Ebola yesterday.  They were afraid that the virus might either jump species or be carried to other humans by the dog.  While animal right activists protested, the government said there was no proof that the disease COULDNT jump species ... So the public health won out.   

Of course if you don't have specimens to study then how can you tell if it will or won't jump species?

But I can see their point.

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§ influenza & pneumonia : 53,826

§ Accidents: 126,438

§ Cancer: 576,691

§ Heart Disease: 596,577


So we will have to see what the numbers are one year from today, I guess.

Remember that the Spanish Flu spread quickly and killed quite a few around the world.

I also noticed, no HIV/AIDS on this list ... Huh.

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