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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

New Law: California

Well in CA they will no longer be asking " paper or plastic" at supermarkets ... 

Now against the LAW to have PLASTIC bags at check out lanes

Gov. brown has disguised this as a litter problem BUT it's really about Tree Hugger Issues ... Let's remember that Brown, in the 1970s, was a HUGE tree Hugger ... And while he has tried to disguise himself as a "moderate" I think we are seeing that tree Hugger side coming back out again!

It takes effect 
<b> 01 JULY 2015 </b> 

Start stockpiling now ... Because in a few months they will not be available.

Paper bags cost 10¢ EACH ... You can buy a reusable plastic bag (I've seen those for layout $1) 
Either way - you gotta PAY to get food to eat

But here's the thing ... It means more TREES will be turned into paper bags ... DIDNT THINK OF THAT DID YOU?!

I like the plastic bags for frozen foods, bags of sugar or flour, or for drink packets that I don't want to get wet.  I think they just work better for items that sweat to hold back the moisture, fine powder or leaky packages to keep everything else clean, and to keep moisture off items that would be ruined by just the smallest bit of moisture.

Hubby uses them for quick trips, like the message that we need more bread ...

Good thing I don't live in CA ...

Remember - this law ONLY  effects GROCERY STORES in CA

Not farmers markets
Not clothing shops
Not fast food restraints
Not shoe stores ... Athletic shops ... targets ... walmarts .. Walgreens .. UNLESS they happen to have grocery stores in them, I'm sure.

You know what?  That's an interesting question ...

How will this law be enforced in stores which offer both groceries and non-grocery items (such as clothes, furniture, office supplies, etc)????

Hmmmm .... 

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