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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Economic Education

Price of food is going up ... But I do not believe the figures that have been released

Thanksgiving dinner for 10 people
Up $0.37

Price includes:
bread stuffing
sweet potatoes
Rolls with butter
carrots and celery
pumpkin pie with whipped cream
coffee and milk


We just purchased our turkeys for next week

On sale at cub they were $.89 a pound

We bought three turkeys

One 20 pound bird
Two 12 pound birds

We like to smoke ... The birds, not cigarettes .... not the wacky tobacci either

That alone is a jumped $.30 a pound!

I'd like to know what their portion sizes are

Because we regularly pay over $100 to feed 20 people

That does not include the food that other people bring

I'm sorry but there is no way you can put on a Thanksgiving meal for $49.41 for 10 people

That's ridiculous… Milk in and of itself is over $3 a gallon!

They must be figuring everyone is going to eat only 4 ounces of meat (one quarter pound) .... In my family, we eat at least a pound of meat each

They must figure one sweet potato per person… In my family we eat at least two if not three sweet potatoes each


Dairy products
Up $0.25

3 pounds sweet potatoes
Up $0.20

flour-based foods
down $0.21

16 pound turkey
down $0.11


Wait –

3 pounds of sweet potatoes is going to feed 10 people?!

No way!

They either have very small sweet potatoes, or they are mashing them and then adding in cream and butter and what have you to fluff it up 

Even then though – I cannot see 3 pounds of sweet potatoes feeding 10 people!

A 16 pound bird, H MMM MM MMM

That sounds like they are planning about a pound per person (and that's assuming 6 pounds of bone)



Even if everything is made from scratch

Cannot see it coming in for $49 and cents

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