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Thursday, November 06, 2014

Things That Make You Go HMMMMMM ...

I was watching my recording (yes, I do record it so I can watch it while hubby's at work) of "The Five" when Bob Beckel – former staffer from the Clinton era – cohost of the show, made the most astounding statement:

" single women vote for Democrats
Married women vote for Republicans
Nothing changes - there is a gender gap"


That is NOT A gender gap

I believe, that Bob Beckel doesn't understand what gender means ... 

Perhaps he misspoke ...

Perhaps his brain is a little pickled ... 

Or at least starving for sugar since he's been on his new diet

Dear Bob:

Gender is based on whether you are male or female
It is not a lifestyle choice
It was given to you at conception
You do not develop it as needed like fighter fish
Although for some reason we allow people to reassign themselves
Genetically, there are only two – now or female

Being married or being single is a lifestyle choice
Having children are not having children is a lifestyle choice
Using birth control or not using birth control is a lifestyle choice
Keeping your child or a boarding your child is a lifestyle choice
What kind of car you drive is a lifestyle choice
What kind a home you choose to live then is a lifestyle choice
What kind of job you work at is a lifestyle choice
Kind of education you have is a lifestyle choice

The government has no right getting into our choices

The government does have The job of guarding our rights, Protech doing our rights, ensuring our rights

A married woman
Who sometimes votes Democrat
But mostly with Republican
Because I am fiscally conservative
I like my husband's money (i'm a stay-at-home mom -- I don't get paid with cash)

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