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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Time Marches On


- improving disposition/Be more understanding/control Temper
- improve character/Live a better life
- Stop smoking/Smoke less

§ Lose weight
§ Get organized
§ Spend less/Save more


Interesting ... First, that first grouping in 1947 .... Not as related as they think.

I have a real issue with skinny girls talking about losing weight!

It is not a weight that is the motivation ... It's MONEY!

Many companies have announced that they will charge MORE for health insurance for overweight people - or not hire them at ALL!

Getting organized can also be money related ... I'm betting a lot of people didn't say that just because they have lost a report at work or were wasting time getting ready in the morning ... More than likely it has to do with having way too many pens/pencils ... Having the same DVD twice ... 

Basically I'm saying ...

1947 = self change

2014 = monetary changes 

Yup -- we've come such a long way

<<<SARCASM sign here>>>

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