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Thursday, February 19, 2015


Cdc has upped the number of cases to 141 and has added one state to the list


Actually this is NOT a big outbreak ,,, 

The 20 new cases have been listening need to Disney world and an ILYA daycare center

The majority of those getting hit are those who have NOT been immunintized ....

Adults ... GET a BOOSTER shot ... They don't hurt that much and recent research shows that shots when we were kids may not have been very effective anyhow .... 

If you kid is over 4 yrs old -- there is no reason not to have them get their shots.  The possible side effects that so many people worry about ( such as autism) will not occur at this age.  Although - I will tell you that as a former daycare teacher of birth-5 year olds I will attest to two things:

It does NOT cause autism ... It may cause fever, pain, discomfort for a couple days, maybe even diarrhea but not autism ...


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