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Friday, May 08, 2015

Looking Through Our Eyes ....

Women at guys, that is ...

A new survey shows that women tend to look at:

Eyes @¿@
Smile :-)
Teeth :-D

(Hands? Maybe to see if they are hard workers?)

Very true though .... The first thing I noticed about my hubby was his eyes - he has the prettiest eyes of anyone I know.  They sparkle & shine o matter how tired he is ... They arent really of any particular shade, they are green with a touch of bluish coloring at times but not really a single color.  Sigh ....

Okay enough of that .... It's only been 26 1/2 yrs of marriage ....

So what are the LAST things women look at?

His "junk" 

Hmmm ...

True true .... MOST women will not care if you are chiseled or rich, but we do want a guy who can do stuff around the house and can pay his own bills and potentially support a family.

So for any of you guys out there that are thinking "there's no one for me" -- take heed! There probably is, you just need to find her

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