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Friday, September 18, 2015

Straight From the Horses Mouth

I was watching last nights show so The Five & Special Report which I DVR'd yesterday - normally I ignore Grettas show afterwards, I just don't like her style for the most part ... But she said she was going to have Trump on making a speech and that he was likely to make comments about the DEBATE

First he said polls said he won by well over 50% .... When you hear him read the numbers you can hear the DISTAIN in his voice for Rubio, Fiorina, & Christie ... He won't even say Bushs name because he hates him so much

But the best quote from Trump ... Honest to God he said this ...

"We did great - now you don't read about that so much in television because coming out -boy- Foxtreated me shabbily ... "


Mr trump .... The reason you don't read much of this on television is because it a VISUAL MEDIA!!!!!


NO ONE so far has said anything about it either

Remember how they jumped down BUSH's throat because he pronounced NUCLEAR wrong .... Or made a new word STRATEGERY?


Do not let this man be the next President ... 

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