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Friday, December 02, 2016

Minnesota liberals versus conservatives

Once again Minnesota has a sir plus of funds in the poppers – which if you ask me means we should be getting back some sort of a special reach fund, but that ain't going to happen – so now the liberals in the conservatives in the state house/senate are having an argument over how it should be spent.

Liberals want to use the sir plus to pay for voluntary pre-K across the state, and upgrades to the water/sewage systems – likely in the bigger cities though. He also wants to use a good portion of it to help pay for the rise in Obamacare costs for those who want no longer be able to afford it… Our costs are going up nearly 100%!

Conservatives not only want to cut the tax rates for it all Minnesotans, they want to improve the roads and bridges in the state – more for greater Minnesota/outside the Twin City area then for the Twin Cities which has been getting most of the road improvement funds as it is.

Either way, it means no money back!!!

Last year sir plus was $1.2 billion – but this year they  do not think it'll be that big

I'm sure Governor Dayton know is hoping to get this matter settled before January when the Republicans will hold both houses of the Minnesota Congress

So… I expect… The taxes will be going up, healthcare costs will be going up, the price of college will be going up, the mountain property taxes to pay for public schools will be going up, row conditions will be going down, water quality will be going down, the The mandatory age 1st going to school will be going down

The balances in my checkbook will be going down, the balances in my savings account will be going down - but the balance on my credit cards will need to go up, because then I can make payments on my bills instead of having to pay the Giants him that the state/companies are going to charge us

We are Minnesota middle class… We are not upper middle class, we are not lower middle-class – this means we can't afford to live in Minnesota for the most part.

Hubby has talked about moving to Wisconsin, or Nebraska, Arkansas, I've already said no to Arizona because I don't like the big ass bugs!

I like Minnesota – I love Minnesota!!  I don't want to move – but it's getting real, real, real expensive to live here.

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