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Monday, June 05, 2017

Sanctuary state

First let me say, I have no problem with immigrants – as long as they come in the legal way! 

And I do understand that ILlegals coming from all countries, not just Mexico, they come from Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, Australia (I actually met one from Australia, but I didn't find out about it until after she married her American born husband – because she was complaining she couldn't go back to Australia to see her mother because of the way that she had came into this country) ...

So the only continent that illegals do not come from is Antarctica!

When my Great – grandparents came over on the boat at the turn of the 20th century, yes I'm only a third generation American, they had to follow a set of protocol that has been thrown away by today's Congress!

What do I mean?

Look at the new bill being proposed for law and the California state Congress…

On a state level it Will prevent local/state police officers &/or officers of the court from

§. Inquiring

§. Detaining

§. Responding

§. Assisting

§.  Providing help

To ANY Federal agents, when it comes to the legal status of anyone with in the California boundaries

You might remember that California has had several incidences of troubles with illegals in their state.

They have had people shot

They have had drug dealers hiding out there

They have even had judges help illegals escape from federal agents while IN The courthouse!

Right now the federal government under President Trump, is proposing to withhold federal funds – – – they would like to hold back all federal funds such as highway funding, but they feel that holding back on the piece force funds (those used to help pay for police officers) is the path of least resistance.

My state also has a high immigration population, not as high as California's, but I wonder how much of my tax money is going to pay for the support (welfare/AFDC/food stamps) illegals in my state as opposed to legal immigrants who have come in or just struggling to get their feet on firmer ground?

I would like to think that this sanctuary city if you would stay out on the coast, or in cities with larger populations such as Chicago, Minneapolis, Miami, El Paso, Houston, L.A., Seattle, etc. – but I know that it can happen anywhere, anytime, in any city where people do not ask the question during election debates, candidate forums, city Council meetings, etc.

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