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Monday, October 08, 2007

Believe it or not, this is viable

Tests help mutt owners find identity - Yahoo! News

Okay so there are several places I can see this taking off.

1. the "Designer" dog they can guarentee the lineage of the newest batch of Labradoodles, Peekapoo, etc.

2. Cities that pass dog-laws banning certain breeds or hybrids, such as wolf, pitbull, akita, etc.

3. AKC has a program called an ILP, in which you get a pure-bred qualification for your dog even if you can not prove its from a purebred background....right now it is conducted purely by visual means--photos of the dog are sent in (one from the front, one from the side) and they are judged against the standard for the breed you think they are.

If they pass they get an ILP will not allow you to breed the dog and claim the pups as AKC registered, nor will it allow you to show in the "breed" will allow you to say its a purebreed dog, it will allow you to enter AKC sanctioned obedience events.

4. There are just a lot of people who seem to have disposable incomes who want to be able to answer the question "what kind of dog is that?"

I can see where this would actually be a good investment as goofy as it sounds.

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