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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Bush, Texas at odds over death case - Yahoo! News

Bush, Texas at odds over death case - Yahoo! News:
"Medellin was born in Mexico but spent much of his childhood in the United States. He was 18 in June 1993, when he and other members of the Black and Whites gang in Houston encountered two teenage girls on a railroad trestle."
So the question is he legally here or not? At least in my mind....

When he came to the US to live he made an implied contract to live by this country's laws....which he confessed he violated. The only way I can see that he would have to contact the Mexican consulate would be if, and only if, he had never given up the rights of a Mexican citizen.

So if he came legally--he gave them up, at least to me--he chose to abide by US laws.
If he came illegally--now that's where the doubt would lie. Does fleeing your native country and entering another one illegally nullify citizenship-basically making these people with a country?

If we went to, oh I don't know...say, Singapore...and one of our citizens broke the law....wouldn't he be subject to the punishment that the country dished out even if our own country felt that it was cruel & unusual?? BTW, the court found the answer to the US on this one was "yes, he would be subject to the punishment"

Actually you know, this is just another bit of the UN sticking it to America. I have got to the International Court of Justice site and this is what I found:
The Court may not include more than one national of the same State. Moreover, the Court as a whole must represent the main forms of civilization and the principal legal systems of the world....Today this distribution is as follows: Africa 3, Latin America and the Caribbean 2, Asia 3, Western Europe and other States 5, Eastern Europe 2, which corresponds to that of membership of the Security Council...In order to guarantee his or her independence, no Member of the Court can be dismissed unless, in the unanimous opinion of the other Members, he/she no longer fulfils the required conditions. This has in fact never happened.{Ginger says:like they are surprised by this?}.......Once elected, a Member of the Court is a delegate neither of the government of his own country nor of that of any other State. Unlike most other organs of international organizations, the Court is not composed of representatives of governments. Members of the Court are independent judges whose first task, before taking up their duties, is to make a solemn declaration in open court that they will exercise their powers impartially and conscientiously.{Ginger says: yeah, right! Impartial my fat ass}

Now just as a bit of side info, the US falls under the Western European clause (didn't realize we were apart of Europe)...along with Canada, Australia, and New Zealand)...Russia is considered part of Eastern Europe (no according to MY map, all of Russia physically lays on the Asian Continent...the only thing that makes it "european" is the culture, and even that is only a small portion...I'm sorry, but this is in the wrong catagory!)...on the other hand when one looks at history-who started this International Justice stuff? Tsar Nicholas II of I guess he could put Russia anywhere he wanted.

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