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Friday, October 12, 2007


Okay so for the second time this season I've had to bring in my plants.

Now last time I brought them in we heard a noise in one of the bags--at first we didn't think much of it, just settling. Well after about 1/2 hour we decided that this was more than the plant settling in the plastic bag--yes I keep them in white trash bags for the first week or so after they come in, no watering--well it took another 1/2 hour to decide exactly which bag it was that was making the noise, so we took it outside and opened it up.

Shook the plant, shook the bag--nothing. We thought we were hearing things so we brought it back inside making sure we had the bag firmly tied.

Next morning we still heard the noise and decided that somehow whatever it was was very stubborn but since it wasn't paying rent it had to go! So out the plant went again--low-n-behold this time we found it.

It was the cutest little tree frog-barely over an inch long-that found itself stuck to the inside of the bag. Somehow it had managed to survive the big plant going in and out of the bag, it survived the bag being shook.....I took it over to the oak and let it go free, it seemed only right.

So now the question is--which plant will have3 the frog this time? And hopefully it will only be a frog and not a bat like my mom had happen to her one year. Well actually it didn't happen to her, but that's a different story.

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