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Friday, October 12, 2007

this is so sad!

4 dead at Wis. horse show - Yahoo! News

This is so sad.....I can just see this being my kids...they would have begged to sleep in the camper with their grandparents too.

My sympathies are with the family.

It is a good reminder, as the weather is beginning to get colder, to check your heaters and furnaces.....check the batteries in your CO2 detectors! You should have one on every floor just like fire alarms.

Place the detectors lower than you would the fire detector, but not so low that it could be interferred with by people blowing into them or where they could get a false reading from appliances or a heat duct. I know some manufacturers suggest mounting them on the ceiling like you would a smoke detector, but it would take too long in my opinion before the alarm sounded.

CO2 is only slightly heavier than regular air (.92something for CO2, 1.0 for air) can think of it as a helium balloon that is just starting to lose its rising power--it will still get up there but it takes longer to do it. In my opinion, by the time the CO2 at 8ft. builds enough to sound the alarm it would be at even higher levels at a child's height or even the level of your bed.

If you seem to suffer from flu-like symptoms that begin to subside when you leave the house, find yourself getting sleepy a lot for no real reason, or you suffer more frequent headaches then normal....I would call those all good signs to get your home checked for CO2.

It can be anything from a furnace, to a fireplace, to a clogged dryer vent. some easy to fix...others nasty business.

but I'd rather spend the money on a new furnace than a funeral.

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