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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I have to ask---what took so long/??

Fugitive accused of raping child caught - Yahoo! News

Okay the guy said he was tired of running, but where did he run?? By the sounds of it he was in the Vegas area in a car with no plates and a false ID--a really really bad false ID what the hell took the cops so long?

I swear....don't get me wrong, I have a lot of respect for the cops and I appreciate everything they do and I know they have got a lot more on their plate then the current forces out there can handle....but I swear if they pulled more people over for the petty, little, dinky stuff they would catch a lot more wanted fugitives than if they had the massive manhunts.

Think about it.....a person is going to avoid things that are going to call attention to themselves, but its the every day it-bits that will bite them-=-=-how many people will speed without thinking? how many people will roll thru a stop sign? how many people will listen to the car radio so loud they can't hear an emergency vehicle coming? how many people won't pull-over for an EMS vehicle? and these are just the moving violations I can think of---there are so many other things that people do without thinking about it.

Any one of those things will give the cops the right to run a name thru Codex to check for warrants, if they wanted to go thru the paperwork of it all....face the hassle of being accused of all sorts of misdeeds when they are just doing their jobs.

Think this sounds like a police-state, a kin to Nazi-ism?? Really its not---its called letting the agency do what it was designed for.

As the police force stands now, it is there to respond, to stead of being proactive, to anticipate....of course we can't arrest or detain people for what they "might" do---that would be silly, besides could you image the trial?

"your honor, the defendent is guilty because he might have done it".....isn't that what the founding fathers were fighting against when they set up the nation?

But something must be done to catch the criminals that we know are out there just laughing at the cops.

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