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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I can't believe I'm about to say this....

DeGeneres' former dog stays with agency - Yahoo! News

I totally agree with Ellen with this...but for a different reason. Once she adopted the dog it was hers, what she chooses to do with it is her business.

What is this crap about families with kids under 14 yrs old not getting dogs?? WHat a 14 yr old is that much more responsible than one with kids of younger ages? If anything it is better for the smaller/younger kids to have the smaller dogs because they are less likely to be sent back to the shelter for reasons of possible harm to the kids (knocking down/aggressiveness/possessiveness/etc).

While I could see the shelter having a clause that said that if she couldn't find a new owner for the dog, should she find she couldn't care for it, that she must bring the dog back to the shelter instead of a pound or abandoning it....then I could see them having a leg to stand on.

But she didn't do this---she found a responsible, loving family who were willing to take the dog with all its quirks.

What this shelter did would be akin to a breeder selling a puppy and then taking it back because they sold it to the family when they lived in a house but later moved to an apartment.

You can't do that....once sold (and have no doubt, it was a selling--money would have exchanged hands before the dog was handed over, even if labelled as a donation its still another form of selling the dog) the dog is out of their hands and no longer theirs.

Now to the idiots who are making the threats---please remove your heads from your asses....this is a LEGAL matter which Ellen and the new owners will have to take up with the shelter.....stay out of it.

And while I understand that she was feeling very emotional about this, I don't think a national television show is the place to air the problem--not when you are so emotionally invested in it. She should have mentioned it as either (a)a story about someone else or (b)waited until she could talk about it more calmly.

I don't watch Ellen....couldn't stand her sit-com and from the bits I've seen of her show I don't like it much either.....but from what I've seen I think she tries to steal the spot light from her guests--what I call the "Rosie O'Donnell" host (I thought she tried to do the same thing on her old talk show too--before 'The View').

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