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Sunday, October 28, 2007

I'm almost caught up

Well I'm just about caught up to where I need to be to assure getting my partner's socks done...I should say redone...before hubby gets back from NY on Wednesday (he really gets back late Tuesday night, but it will be so late I might as well call it the next day).

My fingers are so sore.

I found that someone--I think the 18yr old who was watching tv in our room this morning--messed with one of the needles. I had stopped in the middle of a row when I got interrupted (all knits, whew) so I started back on my merry way after supper....about 4 hours later{when people interrupt me they don't fool around}.....knitting away on needle 4 when I thought gee that's weird and counted the stitches on needle 4...I had too many, 2 too many actually and they were of the wrong color...and I noticed that I had one too many on needle 3.

So I started unstitching very carefully repicking up the stitches from the previous row and putting them back...while flipping back the stitches I noticed that I had two stitches that had been dropped (I hadn't dropped any!) so I had to try to catch that had dropped three rows; and when I put that fire out I noticed the stitch two back was off 2 looked correct but you know once you start making the corrections all the errors start showing.

Well I got needle 4 fixed and dreaded going back to needle 3--but to my delight it turned out to be an inadvertant yarn-over between the last stitch and the one to its right... I was unstitching needed...just slipped the last st from needle 3 temporarily onto needle 4, corrected the yo, then slipped the stitch back on.

Since I had to undo the gusset to correct my mistake earlier of knitting the stitch 10+ rows back into one of the I wish I had taken a photo, it was soooo sad....I decided to do the increases the way the pattern had written them....originally I had done what I was used to since I had never heard of knitting in the stitch from the previous row.

Well I followed the pattern...I don't necessarily like it...but I did it for 20 rows and I really don't have time to go back and redo it. I mean its not horrid....if you didn't know about it, I don't think you would even know. There is only one that made a rather large eyelet...the first one I made...but the others after it seemed to fill in nice once I played with stitches around it....picking it with the tip of the dpn, loosening some legs, tightening I think that once I wash/block/dry them they will be okay.

I enjoyed the exchange....I've hd fun making the socks....even with all the issues--the late arrival of the yarn, the yarn not working up as I had expected, the problems dropping stitches, the needles getting pulled out, the rows getting mixed up, etc. etc....actually I'm sure that in a couple of months I will be laughing about the whole thing.

I keep looking at the package my partner sent...I hope the package I'm making is as nice as hers. I refuse to open it until I get her package addressed and ready to send. Her box is larger than either of the ones I have set aside for her I'm hoping it is mostly air/packaging in

Well time to take a deep breath and just finish....I will send my package and hope she doesn't feel cheated at all. I've been looking at the stuff on the group that other have sent...there's no way I can meet the gradure of those! I really hope she hasn't gone all out.

I would make me feel as bad as the ACX when my partner kept sending me stuff from online--boy did she spoil me--because she knew I liked certain things from our letters...I felt so bad....she was of a Celtic background and was studying Celtic culture so I hand-carved her a set of Ogham sticks. I sawed the branches myself...did the research....cut the branches into the correct length...whittled them to the right shape...carved in the symbols....coated the staves so they would stay nice...made a nice bag for them to go into-=-=-=-lots of work. I shouldn't have felt so bad...each does as they are able...but I know she spent way more than me on shipping alone. I just feel that somehow she was cheated.

I don't want this to happen to this partner--but by the same token...I can't do that much either. If there is enough time I will probably dress up her box a bit. I can do this, I can do this, I can do this.

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