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Saturday, October 27, 2007

The gods hate me

I am convinced of it....out of the blue who should call but the one high school friend of my husband's that really gets my gull!

This guy is worse than ADHD....he's like the teacher on caffine patches from "Meet the Robinson's"==only worse! He is like a rollercoaster that only goes downhill.....this guy hardly stops talking long enough to breath...then seems to get upset when you don't ask him questions.

We haven't seen the guy in nearly 19years--oh why couldn't it be 20?--so he wanted to catch me up on all the news....appearently he didnt get the message the last time we got together with him.

His wife and I did not get along at all...she even rubbed my husband the wrong way, and he isn't that hard to get along with--he is very laid yarn stash will prove that!

I don't mind so much that he is getting in touch with hubby--I would never deny hubby his friends--but its the thought that he knows where we live...he's the type to just stop by and expect you to stop whatever you are doing to entertain him for as long as he wants it.

I hate people like that---its rude to stop by with out calling first; its rude to assume that someone has nothing better to do....they are those type of people too.

Oh well....into every life some rain must mom used to say. I say--that which will not kill me, had better, I mean...will only make me stronger...right?

Please tell me how am I supposed to pretend I can get along with these people if they start coming over & over & over again??????

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