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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Like this is supposed to surprise me?

Minnesota comes up short for federal taxing, spending:
"Delaware fared the worst, receiving just 42 cents for every tax dollar sent to Washington. It was followed closely by Minnesota, which got 46 cents, and New Jersey, 57 cents."

We already knew that MN was the fourth highest taxed state and that the local government was trying its damnedest to try to get it to why would it surprise me that the US Congress would want to do the same? Especially with Democrats running both houses?

You hear a lot of people complaining about how the President is taxing the daylights out of us...but you know what? Its not him....its CONGRESS!! Its the 53% in the House and the 49% in the Senate (with the 2 "independents" who seem to vote with them) that is over taxing and redistributing where all the money goes.

Granted if enough Repubs stood up to them things....well things would actually be more screwed up because then absolutely nothing would get done.

We can't win, no matter what.

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