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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Why does this "surprise" them?? - Richfield police find man asleep in rolling car:

"'This is a weird one. Strange,' Richfield police Lt. Todd Sandel said. 'He was out to the world, behind the wheel of a moving vehicle. We were lucky it was 3:30 a.m.'

Brito was charged with driving while intoxicated, refusing to submit to a test for alcohol and driving while his license was revoked. The charges are all misdemeanors."

No you don't think he was you???

The guy crosses the median....the cops run and jump on his car.....they have to not only shake him but yell at him to get him to wake up.....yeah I'd say it was a really fair bet that he was blottoed beyond belief.

Now I could see it being a surprise if they had performed the tests for alcohol & drugs and it came back normal--then it would be weird that the guy fell that soundly asleep while driving....but not if he's been drinking!!!

Now the story does say that the driver swears he wasn't drinking--so why refuse to take the test??? turns out that in March of last year he was convicted of driving while intoxicated (in MN that usually means booze, but it could be a small amount of "herb" too, larger amounts are usually referred to as "under the influence")....

BUt he swears he didn't have a drop to drink!! So he has a suspended liscense.....he refuses the breath test (which is a crime in MN, btw)...but he didn't drink anything....hmmm.

How appropriate that the vehicle he was driving was named RAM!

Lucky he didn't kill someone.n

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