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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Medical Chik

Parents use religion to avoid vaccines - Yahoo! News:
"But public health officials say it takes only a few people to cause an outbreak that can put large numbers of lives at risk. 'When you choose not to get a vaccine, you're not just making a choice for yourself, you're making a choice for the person sitting next to you,' said Dr. Lance Rodewald, director of the CDC's Immunization Services Division."

This is so true and you know the more I'm around other people the more I think they just don't give a shit.

They need to change it so that not only do you have to sign the form but you have to state guess is that most people who sign will not be able to cite any real reason--those who do it for religious reasons will know why and state it clearly--but those who are doing it because they simply don't like them should have to either send their kids to private schools or homeschool them.

Policy should be clear: No shots, no school. period. end of story.
"....studies have found no link between vaccines and autism, loosely organized groups of parents and even popular cultural figures such as radio host Don Imus have voiced concerns"

Okay the fact that Imus is involved should make everyone question it right there! There are no statistical links....only conjecture...and its putting our kids at risk.

I don't know about you, but I had to put my kids thru being tested for whopping cough--something they should never have been exposed to but someone didn't get their kid immunized and that kid got it, who exposed my nieces and nephew who in turn exposed my kids {we of course weren't told about my SILs kids exposure until after they had spent the weekend together at the cabin and everyone was packing to go home, "oh btw..."}....have you ever seen a kid get tested??

Think of your typical strep test....a swab, a simple swab...but it doesn't go in the throat---they have to take this super long swab and insert it up your child's nose, past the sinuses and if they are lucky they can miss them the first time, up the nasal cavity into the top of the throat and then down to the area above your ulvula, that hangy down thing in your throat....

that's what your child will have to go thru if they are exposed to whooping cough because someone didn't get their shots....even if your kid got theirs.

My daughter at age 4 had to got thru it twice! Why twice? because they have to hit the spot above the uvula just right or they miss the place the virus sits in there--miss it and they can get a false negative. And its not just one nostril per shot...they have to do BOTH nostrils each four times they had to stick that thing up there....

because she was exposed to kids who were exposed to a kid who's parents didn't believe the shots were really needed any longer.

As far as the mercury in the preservative--that may have more sealegs to it. I was diagnosed with an allergy to Xylocaine at 18yrs old after an eye turns out that xylocaine is the most popular member of the "caine" family used in dentistry and medical situations. When I went in for my cataract surgery at age 37 they said that they had found people were allergic to shellfish were having allergic reactions to the preservative they used for the drug so it had been switched--they used it, no reaction.

So I can believe that the preservative can cause some issues...but to what extent is the issue.

Meanwhile, while I would love to side with the parents....I have to be on the side of caution for the greater good and say if you aren't going to immunize your kids--keep them away from everyone elses.

By a place in Vermont or Montana or Alaska and homeschool them.....just keep them the hell away from anyone I know.

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