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Thursday, October 18, 2007

To Blog or Not to Blog

So one of my kids caught me passionately writing on my computer the other day and asked what I was doing....'posting to my blog' I said....'what's a blog?' he asked. I had to stop and think....well its kind of an online diary--no that's not quite it either---its like being able to think outloud but having other people listen in to you---but that's not quite it either.

'why do you write a blog?' he asked next....another stumper. Why? Because I'm a stay at home mom who has a lot to say and no one to say it too....don't get me wrong....I can talk to hubby and usually do to the point of his ignoring half of what I say or he gets annoyed because he missed a funny line on his tv show....and I have had philosophical & political chats with my kids ever since they turned 3 and could talk back {my kids have very firm veiws--you should hear what my 10 yr old has to say about the Maine schools handing out birth control}, but with them I have to be super guarded....try my best to let them make up their own minds, teach them to find the facts and draw their own conclusions instead of running with the pack.

This became relavent this summer when my daughter had to do a video tape for her government summer course....the teacher assigned her to make a campaign commercial for Hillary Clinton--my daughter doesn't like Hillary, but he figured that since she was one of the few girls in class he'd like to see her take on things---when I asked her who some of her other choices were, since she was complaining about getting Hillary, she started naming off all the democrat delegates--I asked her who on the republican side she could have chosen if she had wanted, the answer was Guilliani, he was the only one. That's it--the teacher had decided to bias the class and lean them towards the democratic party. She did the assignment, btw, she did it "man-on-the-street" style....with family. Probably not a good thing since, well I'm more right leaning independent...her dad is more left leaning independent...and while her grandparents are democrats neither of them really like Hillary either....and big brother is a staunch Republican. She did okay, got a good mark for meeting the standards but she felt her grade wasn't as high as it should have/could have been had she been more in line with the teacher's veiws.

Oh wow, I'm off subject again, huh? I was talking about why to blog....or rather why I blog.

Because I have a voice that I don't see being met out there.....I have a common sense that seems to be lacking in this old fashion value system in a new lifestyle....I'm a right leaning pagan/heathen and I'm telling you we are rare!

Well off to do more knitting--I just needed a break before I rip it out again for the fifth time--new pattern and I forgot to stop increasing every row about 5 rows back and I'm dreading pulling it out again. My poor partner....her yarn is going to be worn out before she even gets her socks.

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