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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A NON liberal Minnesota????

Poll Finds Minnestans Disaffected with Both Major Parties:
"Thirty-eight percent of Minnesota adults polled by the Star Tribune Minnesota Poll described themselves as independents, compared with 29 percent who said they’re Democrats and 24 percent who consider themselves Republicans."

Now don't get this mixed up with the Independent "independent" the majority of MNtans mean "we're really Dems but we don't want Hillary OR Obama for President" can take the MNliberal out of the Dem party, but you can't take the Dem out of the MNliberal!

Nor should the stance stated in the title be taken from this poll either--it is simply "fashionable" to say that you are an "independent" and have a mind of your own....oh pleeeeeaaaasssseeee! All you have to do is look at the areas talk show network and see that the liberals are soooo outnumbering the conservative stations; listen to the calls that come in and you will see that even a lot of the ones coming into the conservative stations are left leaning.

Now not everyone who considers themself ind. in MN is a liberal though....I consider myself ind. but you can probably tell I am more conservative than most of the people I know, but less than the normal Right-Winger.

I really think that people are starting to look at the campaigns going on and the millions upon millions that are being spent...then looking at the problems in the nation such as health care, social security, ILlegal immagration, terrorism, etc and are beginning to wonder if that same money were applied to any of these problems could solve them.

The answer of course is....probably not completely but it would be a damn good start!

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