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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Warm MN WInters???

Organizers cancel Forest Lake ice-fishing contest

Yes its true, of the last 5 years winter has been rather disappointing.

Of course all they had to do was take a look at the MN Almanac and see that our winters come in waves....we will have two more years of "poor" weather (that is a late winter) and then it will "norm" back out.

We are due for another massive snow season too...the bit we got in February when we had three massive snow drops in 2 weeks is nothing compared to what is going to come.

I met hubby about 20 yrs ago, about a year after a massively snowy winter here....they kind where you had to dig yourself out of your house to get to the garage to get out your plow so you could dig yourself out of your house. Massive.

We have only had two major snow storms since I have married hubby--one when I was pregnant with daughter 1, the famous Halloween storm of '91 that dropped 16" of snow in two days (that was a nice one, very pleasant to get time off work even if they did want me to walk 2 miles while 4 1/2months pregnant!); the other was just last January when we got the 3ft of snow in two weeks--just after we got the puppy too, that made for some interesting house training let me tell you!

Nope, there are brighter, snowier skies ahead....they just have to wait.

Oh and mid-Feb is when we get our first big usually will reach lower 50's by then.

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