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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Oh look its Mr Whinner! - WEB POLL: Vikings' Jackson has injured finger

I doubt many of you will remember the Whinners from SNL (back when they still had some good bits) but that is what most of the QBs are becoming in the NFL.

Read the story completely thru...they have to wait for the swelling to go down before they can tell where it is--in other words, they don't know for sure that it is injured the way they think.

I'm sure he hurt his finger--but please! I remember seeing games when I was a kid of a player dislocating their finger in a play and they would go to the sidelines and the coaches would pop it back in place and then send the player back out next play. My son was in a football game last year where a player got smacked down so hard that he fell three times to the ground trying to get his legs back under him, even went to the wrong sidelines he was so confused...he sat out three plays and then asked to get back in-and went!

Hurt finger---suck it up. What the heck would you do if you ever had to play Iron Man football?--that's where they players do both offense & defense (no rest for the wicked).

You know I bet if you watched him carefully you'd find him doing all sorts of stuff with that finger....maybe even including a pick up game of fb with his buds in the park.

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