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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

This is sad - Mpls. woman dies after being hit by dump truck

Okay so the authorities are trying to figure out how this happened....I can give them three ideas:

(a)she was crossing against the light--we've got a stupid pedestrian law that says if someone steps off the curb you are supposed to makes no allowances for distance/speed/size of vehicle and most liberals in the state think everyone knows about the law.

(b)the driver was already committed to the turn when she stepped off the curb, her thinking that he was going to go into one lane (not realizing that trucks need to make a bigger swing) when he was really coming into the closer lane

(c)because of the height differential between where the driver sits and trying to watch traffic around him (for purposes of this post, I will assume the driver is male) that he didn't see her in his blind-spot...if you ever get the chance to sit in a dump truck, be sure to check out their blind spot--it is HUGE. That's why if you have a small car you should get out from beside them ASAP.

I'm not sure this is anyone's fault, per say....I think it was a tragic combination of incidences that occurred at the same time...only way to avoid it would be to block off the streets to the public---which simply isn't practical.

meanwhile, I still sit a wait for the news story about the rash of accidents we have had by the high school--so far it seems to be getting the cold shoulder from the news room....I may be forced to change stations if they don't help call this to the forefront.

1 comment:

Andrew said...

Well I know the truck was making a left turn, meaning Judy was most likely crossing at the corner. She was my friend's mom and this of course has affected her family greatly. I hope they come to the bottom of this horrible accident. I was at the service for her, held at the nursing home she was going to see her mom at. She got hit literally in the middle of the street heading to the home.
I know an aid from the governor contacted the family and told them that he may show up at the service but he of course did not.

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