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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Only 64 more days til Christmas, or in my case Yule

I love hubby so much!!! My daughter went out and brought in the mail and in there was the new "American Girls" catalog with the new doll! Well I went online and saw they had it on sale for $99 with the special TV offer. So I showed it to him and his eyes just about rolled out of his head....I explained to him that the doll itself is usually over $100 so it was a fantastic deal for our youngest daughter.

Well....if we had gotten would end up being the ONLY thing she got....we wouldn't be able to afford anything else.

I told him that if I could find the cheaper dolls that look just like the American Girl dolls that I had gotten for my daughter when she was 4 when her brother was born, for myself in '98, and then again for my oldest daughter and her cousin for their 10th birthdays....I would....but I hadn't been able to find them anywhere.

On a whim I did a quick Google search and low-n-behold I found the Springfield Doll website!!!
These dolls are fantastic--they look incredibly like the AG dolls but are about 1/4 of the price, and if you have a child who is a bit more rough on dolls they are the perfect solution....and the AG clothes & patterns fit them!

So they had Michael's stores listed as a distributor, but the last time I was there they no longer were carrying them at our store, but on a whim I called. They had two models, both for $24.99 (I was told, but at check out they were only $18 each, and hubby let me get both - one for each of the girls) was very much like the first one my oldest daughter had when she was 4--red hair, green bit the dust when she colored on the face and body with an ink pen and I decided to wash it to try to get the body clean...actually it was putting it in the drier that killed it.

Her hair fried into clumps and her eyelashes came I cut down the hair as far as I could and tried to get one of those wigs for her, but it just wouldn't stay on---but my daughter loved her so much that she played with her anyways...until one of the arms fell off in 2000, then I had to take the doll to try to fix it.

The original collection, in 1996, was a Stuff-Your-Own type and they sold an armature that you put inside. This allowed you to make the doll as skinny or fat as you wanted--I like my dolls on the thick side so I packed order to fix the arm I figured I would just have to undo the back where I had sewn her shut, pull out the stuffing and then attach the arm with a zip-tie from the inside as they had originally done (its the standard)...but first I forgot where I put the arm...then I forgot where I stored the doll for save keeping.

You can see a photo of "Amy" as my daughter named her on my website, she is featured on my doll sweater pattern. (before the wahing incident).

The ones I got for the girls 10th birthday we had to order via internet because no one was selling them.

Now I had already gotten each of my girls, and myself, one of those round knitting machines that you hand crank....normally $45-60, I got them for $5 each! It was such a bargain! This is working out I got my older daughter and myself booklets on patterns that used the Addi machine, but they should still be able to apply.

I love hubby---it was so sweet of him to take me out....the football game was starting in 1/2hr...and he usually keeps me away from Michael's like the plague (its almost as tempting as Walmart)....I was so surprised when I called Michael's and he over heard the call when I said the price---I think that may have been what did it....even buying two dolls we saved over 1/2 the money of buying one AG doll.

Yes I do have an AG doll for comparison.....several years ago I bought "Kirsten" for myself so I would have one AG doll for designing crochet pattern dolls for....but when she came I found she was the EXACT same doll as the Springfield dolls. I also have "Megan" from the Magic Attic Club dolls--I was so sad when I heard they went out of business....I loved that collection and the stories...

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