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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

So what happened today in Your life? pt 2

well actually this isn't a day--it's more like this week....

1)the furnace stopped working
2)hubby nearly electricuted himself trying to find out what was wrong
3)hubby got new part two days later, but had to pull the electricity when he kept shocking himself trying to put in on
4)the dog broke free of her tie out (luckily she decided to see my daughter who had just gotten home from school instead of the dogs on the other side of the freeway)
5)found out hubby is being sent out of town next week--thus the rush to get the furnace fixed
6)the water heater won't stay lit--we are hoping its just the thermal coupler
7)period is a week late so hormones are going nuts
8)I've had a major headache that has lasted three days now--its just the hormones I'm sure
9)son got detention from his homeroom teacher
10)son is in big trouble with his math teacher
11)cub scouts don't seem to know what they are doing for meetings yet
12)I have to boil water to do two days worth of dishes. Daughter piled the dishes in the dishwasher and ran them with cold water (since the water heater has been turned off)
13)I have to find time to finish these socks--they are the last thing for my package so I can get it off to my partner.
14)the new coupler hubby bought isn't working for the water heater
15)daughter just announced that the Masquarade Ball is back on for Friday and she needs a costume.

Am I ever going to have time to finish these socks??

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