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Thursday, October 25, 2007

So what happened today in Your life? pt 3

Okay...this isn't really a complaint session--as posts titled this usually are--we had the parent-teacher conference for our son today and found out that...he's typical.

He is reading and comprehending at a level above his grade (not surprising, the kid read "Call of the Wild" in 4th grade for fun), he is doing great in science class...but his grades suffer mostly from tests and forgetting to turn in homework.

His teacher did say that he tends to fiddle around at his desk alot although he doesn't disturb the other children around him...he just keeps himself occupied and will miss out on instructions because he's busy doing whatever it is he is doing.

We talked about how we studied at how I have changed many of the ways we study to resemble games or plans for future computer games. She thought that was cool...I think it just comes from growing up with so many brothers and watching my mother go thru a simular problem.

Now I have to get him to strike that...get him to write about things he has read. They are doing a program where he has to make out a book report card everytime he reads something on his own...until he reaches 1000pgs. One thousand for each quarter--thing is, he hates doing the cards---loves the reading though.

Well off to help him study for the three tests he has tomorrow....oh that was the other thing-I told her I thought 3 tests in one day was really too much to expect from kids his age--that that is a college expectation (okay more like high school) and I thought unreasonable. They are the same three teachers that all the kids rotate to, I don't know why they don't just get together and figure out what days they can each take to do their tests so that the kids will only have one test a day.

Oh well.....this is why I'm not teaching--I buck the system too much.

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