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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

STUPID Quote of the day - MnDOT unveils bridge designs

I have been looking for this quote and can't find it, but they just ran the press conference again on the midday news and it goes like this:
"This bridge is a modern bridge with an eye to the future. The other bridge was a bridge built in the past"

Sorry all I could think of was --- NO SHIT SHERLOCK!!! Of course the OLD bridge was built in the PAST....thus the PAST TENSE!!! Here's the webpage with video of the press conference so you can hear this lady yourself...KSTP News at 10pm she makes it near the end of the clip.

What an idiot that speech writer was! And yes the newer bridge is a MODERN bridge, modern meaning made NOW! I think you meant to say FUTURISTIC bridge.

If you watch her all the way thru the clip you really get the feeling she is just BS'ing the public and really has not idea what the hell she is saying....looks like a butterfly? Really? I didn't see it, it looked like trouble in the future to me.

And for the record....a walk-way connected to an interstate in any way, shape, or form--NOT A SMART THING! And the "parks" along the pillars....not too bright--so now if this bridge collapses we will have an even LARGER body count??

Where do they get these people?????

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