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Friday, October 19, 2007

There's a Chill in the Air

Oh if it only wasn't so would actually be very nice. But it is damp and it is freezing!
I have pulled out my knitting again after noticing that I missed the row that I was supposed to stop increasing every row--AGAIN! This is like the third or fourth times.

SO I'm going at it again--I do like the yarn colors with this toe up pattern so far....oops, not sure I should have written that, but I'm kind of sure my partner doesn't check my blog so I'm pretty sure I'm safe.

Well talked hubby into KFC for supper...don't know how I did it but I might have been the pouty face on the 8yr old when I asked what the kids wanted for supper that I could make at home.
Its not that they don't like my cooking, just that they prefer the fast-take-out shit. I was perfectly willing to make oven-fried chicken for them but they wouldn't go for it....they said why make the mess when dad can just go to KFC.

Sigh....its okay, I'll save the recipe for later this week.
I also have to plan on doing Lasagna this week for hubby too--with the pound of cheese that he likes....its so good for his cholesterol, I hope his doc doesn't get wind of this.

Well got to go---the goose is cooked, er, I mean the chicken is cooked.

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