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Thursday, October 18, 2007

New header photos

ooo....I have some new photos of my main gargoyle to use for my header....I will have to download them from my sd card and get some new ones made up.

Kids and I had a blast finding things for George I, as we have dubbed him, to hold and wear. He is such a great sport to let us do it. I think he really appreciated the vacuming off too--he was pretty thick with dust...being in the corner of the room he tends to get a tad neglected during knitting season.

Got hubby started on a gargoyle collection about 3 years ago {actually he's into dragons, I'm into gargoyles} and we stared naming them after the Weasleys....Fred and Ginger (we didn't know Ginny's real name, and Astair & Rogers were a great team} sit outside guarding the driveway....Percy sits in the bedroom window keeping an eye on the intersection....Bill & Charlie are on top of the piano....the others are scattered around the house--you should have one in each window to keep the evil spirits away you know....if you don't like goyles you should hang small mirrors facing outward. The evil spirit sees its own reflection and is frightened away.

I have fun with my hubby's you can see from the photo at the bottom of my blog page....just had to play with them in the snow.

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