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Friday, October 12, 2007

Well now I guess they will listen! - Is there a Mountain Lion in northern Minnesota?:
"Mountain lions, or cougars, are extremely rare in Minnesota, and the Department of Natural Resources often discounts reports of the animals being spotted."

Oh yeah? Later in the story it says
"The DNR gets dozens of mountain lion reports every year" and "Bill Berg, a retired DNR wildlife biologist in Grand Rapids, recalled seeing two videos and a few photos of mountain lions in northern Minnesota."

Oh, so they really aren't that just weren't willing to believe it unless you saw it???? No wait--you did see it and still discounted the reports.

"No doubt there's an animal now and then, and I think some of them are wild animals dispersing and some are cats that got too big for the kitty litter," he said."
I'm sorry....that is a stupid ass sure to point this comment out to the parent who is looking for their missing child in that area will you? I really think people can tell the difference between a cougar and Morris the cat!!

Sometimes I think the DNR stands for "Don't Know Reality"....according to them there isn't a problem with the wolf population up north either.

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