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Friday, October 12, 2007

See what the fall out of 9/11 money did??? - Survivor says bridge survivors aren't getting help

So let me get this straight. An accident survived and the government is supposed to pay for your mortgage? Huh??????

No Dear....this is take care of what you can first, then if you need help you seek help from private institutions, the government is the last ones you try to get money from here.

"She yesterday sent an email to Minnesota's U.S. Senators, and state senators asking "why Minnesota put hundreds of millions of dollars into sports stadiums, but months after the disaster, survivors are left to fend for themselves."

Hey! How about they fix the school systems first....or build the fricking new bridge first...or deal with the families who actually lost someone first!!

When did we become such a "Gimme" state??? Lady, just wait will ya'....we should learn something from the 9/11 funds and not start handing out money hand-over-fist....we need to wait a little bit and find out exactly what the full impact will be. There is the health of the rescuers to think of too.

Not everything in this world makes you a victim!!!

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