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Saturday, October 13, 2007

We're so f^cked

Romney favors visas for seasonal workers - Yahoo! News
"The answer to that is simple, which is issue more visas," Romney told reporters. "If our employment sector needs additional immigrant laborers, then issue the visas necessary to provide that work force."

No, idiot....the answer is to tie unemployment benefits to it. I am so sick of hearing that these people are filling jobs that Americans don't want---no the jobs just aren't being filled by people because it is easier to sit on your ass and collect unemployment!

I'm sorry, I'm sure there are many, many, people getting unemployment who truly need it...who deserve it-----but there are those too who collect it because it keeps their days open for drinking beer and scratching their asses.

Although I have to tell up all day after a bunch of nasty, gross people who piss on the floor, puke in the sink, leave food laying all around the place would be a really nasty job.....

wait....I do that now, its called being Mom......of course I'm not doing it in no 250+ room motel.....nor am I getting anywhere near the pay I deserve for it.....if I get a hug a day I'm doing well.

You don't need seasonal workers to take more need to make it easier on the businessmen so they can afford to pay more to their workers! The jobs are there--people will come.

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