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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Warning Warning--content may be offensive to some

Miller, the Jesus-Mocking Beer - Yahoo! News:

"Miller Lite was the only national advertiser underneath this Christ-mocking image. When pressed by the Catholic League and other offended groups, Miller spokesman Julian Green gave the standard — which is to say, slippery — corporate answer. 'While Miller has supported the Folsom Street Fair for several years,' a nod to the gay community, 'we take exception to the poster the organizing committee developed this year.' If you think that was weak, try the next sentence: 'We understand some individuals may find the imagery offensive.'

Some individuals? There are over 225 million Christians in the United States. May be offended? It is a poster designed to insult them by blaspheming Jesus Christ. "

Nice unbiased reporting there, Skippy! Don't you just love the self-righteous tone?

1. by the sounds of it, Miller did not come up with the poster, it was the event organizers who then plopped Miller's logo on it.

2. What did you expect them to do? They came out with statements saying they were sorry and they are looking into what you want blood?

3. I think the Catholic groups, and many of the other christian groups, found the entire event offensive.

4.What happened to a sense of humor? Do I think the poster is offensive? Haven't seen it....but it is upsetting to me that it was put out where children can see it...had they not had the "toys" on the table as discribed I think it would have been okay.

5.Lets also remember that the painting of the "Last Supper" is an artists rendition of what he thought it looked like---I do not consider it a religious icon.....heck I take more offense to some of the newer versions of the Bible that are out there more than I do them playing with a picture.

6.Hey who knows what happened at the Last Supper? For all we really know, it may have been an orgy--after all it was Jesus' last night on Earth. {I'm so burning for that one....who am I kidding, I'm burning anyways}

Oh the best:

What do you suppose would be the corporate response if one of its drivers got into a truck cross-dressed as a Catholic nun? Or strolled into the company lunchroom and proceeded to dump on the table an assortment of X-rated sex toys?

In 2005, a Miller worker in Wisconsin was fired when he was photographed in the newspaper drinking a Budweiser. Now that, that was intolerable.

To the first--PARTY!!!! Oh you know they would! They would have fun checking it all out--not using it for its intended purpose....probably....but definately they would be checking them

To the last--shame on them! Just because you work for Ford doesn't mean you can drive a Chevy....or if you work for NorthWest Airlines would it keep you from flying AirTran.....or if you worked for Hormel would it keep you from eating fresh foods=-that's just ridiculous. My guess is that this worker more than likely had other issues going on and the company used it as a way of cutting him loose.

Did you know that it is nearly impossible for a corporation to fire you these days-especially if they are unioned???

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