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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What a choice... - Meeting works to finalize aesthetics of 35W bridge

Okay be sure to watch the video--is it me, or are the two pier options just the same piers just turned 900 ?

Sorry but color? I thought this was a concrete bridge.....the color will be, um, grey? That's the only color I know that concrete comes in--it starts out whitish, then it dulls to a light grey and then darkens with time to a steel grey color....I suppose they could put some colorant into it.

How about Viking Purple & Gold?? Wild Green/Red/Gold? UofM maroon&gold? or how about just plain GREY?? Save the tax payers some money instead of spending it on meaningless frivolities that are just going to get tagged anyways.

And parks by the piers? they would be held liable for anyone that slipped off into the water--I can see the lawsuits now--they would have to maintain the grounds and try to keep the gangs from taking them over like they have the other parks in mpls. I say no to the parks...thank you, but no. Would be nice, but they can't take care of the ones they've already got--lets not give them any more.

Actually I'm surprised they aren't asking for another dog-park....but that's a totally different post.

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