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Friday, October 12, 2007

Why are they making Nobel spin in his grave?? - Al Gore wins Nobel Peace Prize:
"OSLO, Norway (AP) - Former Vice President Al Gore and the U.N.'s climate change panel won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for spreading awareness of man-made climate change and laying the foundations for counteracting it."

WHAT?? He jumped on a bandwagon that had already been rolling out of control for decades....and he gets a prize for it???? The man takes a private jet where ever he goes! He rides in big freaking SUVs!!!! His green footprint is bigger than anybody I know of! (or is that his non-green footprint?)

This man is such a hypocrit its unbelievable! And he wins a prize.

With all the controversy still surrounding the subject--even to the point to where the data wasn't supporting their position so they had to "tweak" it--and they award a prize for it.

Eons from now my great-great-great grandchildren will look back on all this and go "what was their problem man? All they had to do was switch the world's economy to an agricultural one and everything would have been fine."

Agricultural...that means the majority of the land mass goes for farming....not big corporate farms--small family type will do everything people are hoping for. Actually if you can get a map of the US before the homestead act went into effect.

The homestead act gave people free land (well until the government found they could tax the crap out of us for it) if a person would build a home, live on the land for 5 years and plant some many acres of the land in trees. YES THATS RIGHT--most of the trees you see today, aren't even native to the land they are at!!! People put them there!!!

We already changed the enviroment---think of that!!

Update 13 Oct 2007: I did read today that Gore is sharing the award with a bunch of scientists that worked on the global warming lie , er I mean project. So at least he is beginning to share some credit--like he did the development of the internet! And no, I'm not ever going to just let that one go.

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